Link 21 Oct 10 notes ''Serviette'' - comedy act by ''Les Beaux Frères'' (Le plus grand cabaret du monde)»




I want Harry and Thomas to do this dance number for my birthday.

That’s not an abuse of power, right?

Do I even WANT to know? And have you SEEN me dance?


Molly, this is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea. Like, worst idea ever. Thomas would just drop his towel, then steal Harry’s and throw it into the audience.


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400 mile round trip to the Westlands to disappoint a farmer with the same answers he got from the more practical people he consulted.

I can’t make it rain. And even if I could, it’s a reallllllllly bad idea.

He should’ve planned for longterm. And so should I - I didn’t get paid. At least the price of gas is down a bit.

Guess today’s going to be about paperwork.

Yeah, I learned my lesson about the whole “manipulating the weather” thing with the er… y’know.  Olar-Pay Ortex-Vay.  Maybe when I’ve gone up a few belts in Winter-Foo, but not now.

Link 21 Oct 10 notes ''Serviette'' - comedy act by ''Les Beaux Frères'' (Le plus grand cabaret du monde)»

I want Harry and Thomas to do this dance number for my birthday.

That’s not an abuse of power, right?

Photo 20 Oct 27 notes Thought of you, Boss. <3

Thought of you, Boss. <3

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princessfangface said: So you're suggesting cold lava, huh? That sounds like a good band name.

Nope. Hot lava. That’s the point of lava. :D

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princessfangface said: Wouldn't sulfurous lava melt pretty much everything? Including Arctis Minora?

it would only be on the perimeter, flowing down the mountain, away from my stuff.  And anyway, it’s the Nevernever. I can create materials with any properties I like.

It’s good to be a queen. :D

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Neon blue lava pours from Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano. The reason it’s blue is because the mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy violet colors as it turns. It turns the rocky slopes into a hot, toxic environment. (Article) 

New security system for Arctis Minora.

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dontsayclazy said: So. Mental midwifing. How's that work?

The guy in black had the decency to spend a couple months practicing mental lamaze, so it was a little smoother than it might have been.  If he hadn’t, I may not have been able to get her out without killing one or both of them.  At least some part of Harry’s brain is not completely clueless. :D

It also helped that I’ve had plenty of experience mentally sparring with Harry, so I knew my way around his defenses.  And, well, I’d poked around in there before at Dad and Luccio’s insistence, when Mab made him forget about his blasting rod.

Basically, I went in, which was EXTREMELY cramped, because she was taking up so much of the space. The pressure almost knocked me back out.  I actually had to seal my access point behind me, for reasons you can probably guess if you’ve ever played with a helium balloon and a needle. 

The guy in black gave me the skinny, and we worked out our course of action.  As he kept things as stable as he could, I opened a tiny portal to a custom-built demense in the Nevernever.  I matched the psychic pressure in the demesne to that in Harry’s head, then enlarged the portal. Then veeeeery carefully, I slightly lowered the external pressure, so the spirit could flow gently from one space to the other, making damn sure she was the only thing going in or out.  It was a long, slow process, constantly reshaping the volume of the demesne to regulate its pressure, but again: Balloon. Needle.  I was going to take my damn time.

Eventually, I got all of her.  After declining the guy in black’s generous offer of a celebratory hot tub skinny dip, I did what I could to repair the psychic damage and ease the swelling, then I fetched the spirit from the demesne, brought her back to the real world, and placed her in her new home.

Congratulations, it’s a Skullbaby!


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tflatte replied to your post: What would the Dresden Files Character…

I bet Harry would dress up as the cheesiest wizard possible. Stars on the blue robe, starry hat, giant fake beard. I’m also picturing Maggie and Mouse as Emily Elizabeth and Clifford.

That would be addorable!

raisinbreads replied to your post: What would the Dresden Files Character…

Harry would be Harry potter hands down. Thomas the scarecrow from the wizard of oz.

6’9” Harry Potter, coming through!

dominus-tempus replied to your post “tflatte replied to your post: What would the Dresden Files…”

For me, Harry would dress up as Rincewind from the Discworld series with Mouse as the Luggage

Never read a Diskworld book myself, but it does seem like the sort of thing he’d be in too. XD

meripihka7 replied to your post: What would the Dresden Files Character…

Billy and Georgia would do genderbent Harry and Murphy because of the height thing. They would then spend the rest of the evening avoiding Murph’s wrath.

That’s compleatly perfect.Georgina would do a brilliant Harry!


Maggie as Tiffany Aching, and Toot and the Za Guard as the Nac Mac Feegle.  Mister as Greebo.

Molly as Susan Sto-Helit.

Michael and Charity as Carrot and Angua.

Thomas and Justine as Pteppic and Ptraci.

Murphy as Adora Belle Dearheart, because Harry’s suggestion that she play Cheery Littlebottom did not go over well.

…Go on.

Though now I must perform a ritual brain bleaching ceremony for having read smutty fanfic about a pairing suggested for cosplay by my parents.

Photo 17 Oct 68 notes Crying with laughter.
(From Griffyn612&#8217;s Dresden Comic)

Crying with laughter.

(From Griffyn612’s Dresden Comic)

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